Header: Welcome to salinas city elementary school district
  • Welcome to the Salinas City Elementary School District! We are excited to welcome your child into our schools. Whether a student is planning to attend their school of residence, or one of our fifteen school choice options, registration is required for new students as well as students who are returning to the District.


    1. If your child is new to our District as a TK-through-6th Grade student, please follow the four-step process below to enroll online.
    2. If your child is a student who had left the District but now wishes to return, please go to the front office of your school of residence or the District Office, 840 S. Main St., to request your enrollment paperwork.
    3. If your child attended an SCESD preschool program last year, you must also enroll online. 


    If you are interested in a Dual Immersion program for your child, you must complete the  four-step enrollment process and you must also apply for placement in the Dual Immersion Program. To apply for Dual Immersion, you must also apply here:  https://salinascityesd.schoolmint.com/


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